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The demands of the private sector present unique engineering challenges.  Spencer-Engineers provides responsive analysis and design consultation services to ensure cost-effective, efficient solutions.

Through inter-disciplinary application of engineering technology, Spencer-Engineers can fulfill the special requirements of industry and the private sector.

Initially, Spencer-Engineers examines the client’s needs in order to define the project’s scope.  Then, working in cooperation with the client, Spencer-Engineers examines design alternatives resulting in an innovative design solution satisfying both the client requirements and engineering principles.

 Typical projects include:

Industrial buildings

Warehouses & terminals

Pier & ship facilities

Parking structures

Hangers & special structures

Structural rehabilitation

Foundation studies & reports

Subdivision development & planning 

Streets, roads & parking areas

Sewage collection, treatment & disposal

Irrigation & drainage

Storm water handling

The goal of Spencer-Engineers is to provide quality, value-oriented engineering services.